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Instead of chilling out with some films last night, I ended up going a bit further with my Terrorizer #250 mission, edging ever closer to the end of what will eventually be a near 36-hour journey. Continuing the globetrotting theme of the last post, the next album I listened to was from the Russian band Sickrites, called Irreverent Death Megaliths [3/5]. On France’s Osmose Productions (whose catalogue once upon a time used to boast Enslaved, Immortal, Marduk et al.), this is some pretty decent black/death metal, with a raw production that reminds me of the old Antaeus records, which Osmose also released. Despite not being as prolific as they once were, it’s heartening to see Osmose remaining so active on the world underground metal scene, and continuing to sign new and interesting bands like this to their roster. Long may it continue.

Sickrites - Irreverent Death Megaliths [3/5]
Sickrites – Irreverent Death Megaliths [3/5]

This morning, the playlist then went to new levels of magnificence with the latest Swans album, To Be Kind [5/5]. I’ve listened to this one a lot already, and it’s definitely going to be right up there for me with the best albums released this year. Ever since seeing them live on the My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky tour in Glasgow (earplugs were being handed out for free at the door), I’ve been hooked on them, and I’ve seen them another three times since, for which my eardrums did not thank me. I’d never paid them much attention until that reunion, but I’ve since gone back and checked out their amazing back catalogue as well. Their last album, 2012’s The Seer, was such a masterpiece that I don’t think anyone expected they’d be able to follow it up so strongly, particularly in such a short period of time, but To Be Kind sits alongside its predecessor in equal standing for me. Deep, emotional, and poignant to near breaking point, this album also demonstrates a wonderful fragility and humanity in the songwriting. Albums like this don’t come along too often – albums that make you sit up and stop what you’re doing when you realise you’re on to something special. A two-hour album that flies by in what seems like no time as it encapsulates you and takes you along for the ride.

Swans - To Be Kind [5/5]
Swans – To Be Kind [5/5]

Took some time out of editing work and music listening to kick back with Soccer Saturday and all the Premier League results. My fantasy football team has gotten off to a horror start, and this week isn’t looking much better at this rate.

Next on the Terrorizer #250 playlist was a Serbian neofolk solo project, Tamerlan, with the album Ain [3/5]. First impressions are that this guy has listened to a lot of Sol Invictus, but there’s definitely a slight hint of some black metal leanings in here too with some of the melodies used. Actually a nice bit of “easy listening”, but not the most original or evocative neofolk I’ve ever heard. 

Tamerlan - Ain [3/5]
Tamerlan – Ain [3/5]

My mate Joe was telling me last night about a grindcore band called Urine Festival that just have urine splashing noises instead of vocals. I hunted for them immediately, of course. I was in stitches as soon as the “vocals” kicked in.

Also, does anyone remember that story from around 2003 that Killjoy (from Necrophagia) and Phil Anselmo were working on an album of nothing but recordings of them squashing and killing bugs? I wonder what happened to that …

Ended up winding down tonight by watching Blazing Saddles, another film that hasn’t aged particularly well in my opinion. Even though it’s another one checked off the list, it was a bit of a disappointment. Going to see The Cabinet of Dr Caligari tomorrow at the GFT with a friend I haven’t seen in ages, which I am looking forward to immensely. Next week I’m going to need to power through more music during the day and get through more films in the evenings.

Author: Andrew R Craddock

Metal and Spotify enthusiast, freelance copy-editor, writer, jolly nihilist.

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