Spirits Surround Us on Every Side

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari was wonderful, even better than I expected. Despite a little bit of a sore neck due to a slightly late arrival resulting in front row seats, this film is probably one of the finest examples of silent cinema that I’ve ever seen. Strange yet beautiful set design, a really creepy atmosphere throughout and fantastic early use of camera tricks and special effects, it’s hard to believe that it’s nearly 100 years old.

Aside from an excursion to the cinema, and chalking off number 175 of the 1,001 movies list in the process, I’m finally back at my own flat after looking after my brother’s cats for a week while he was on his honeymoon. Best man duties finally over, this week is going to be about cramming in as much editing, music and movies as possible, so I’ll likely be posting plenty of updates as I go through all of that.

As it’s now technically the wee hours of Monday morning, there are a few new releases I’ve noticed on Spotify that I’ll be hoping to check out later in the morning when I get up. The first one that’s caught my attention is the new Yob album, Clearing the Path to Ascend, on Neurot Recordings. I’m going to see these guys with Pallbearer on Saturday night, which I’m really looking forward to, so I’ll try to give this as many spins as I can before the gig. Looking forward to seeing Pallbearer, who were my band of the weekend at Hellfest 2013. With their excellent second album out recently, which was the inspiration for the name of this blog (i.e. total plagiarism), I’m hoping for another great gig.

Author: Andrew R Craddock

Metal and Spotify enthusiast, freelance copy-editor, writer, jolly nihilist.

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