Terrorizer #261: [8]+

Releases that scored [8] or more in Terrorizer magazine #261.

The new issue of Terrorizer, #261, is out today, with another excellent plethora of albums reviewed, once again reinforcing what a strong year 2015 has been for heavy music, and we’re only just now approaching the halfway point. Unfortunately, this issue’s album of the month, Cloud Rat’s Qliphoth, isn’t currently available on Spotify, but I’ll make sure to update this article should it become available soon (as with some of the other releases presently without listening links). [Update: Qliphoth is now available on Spotify in all its grindy glory.] Once again, Ed Chapman has written the review for the album of the month, stating:

Qliphoth throws down the gauntlet to ask whether, after black metal and death metal have seen their boundaries shift dramatically over the last ten years, it’s now grindcore’s turn.”

As always I’ve put together a list of all the new reviewed releases that have scored [8] or more, with accompanying Spotify links where they’re available.

  • Abyssal – Antikatastaseis [9] (Spotify)
  • Author & Punisher – Melk en Honing [8] (Spotify)
  • Between the Buried and Me – Coma Ecliptic [8.5] (Spotify)
  • Cloud Rat – Qliphoth [9] (Album of the Month) (Spotify)
  • Coffins – Perpetual Penance [8] (Spotify)
  • Deathhammer – Evil Power [8]
  • Doctor Bison – The Bloated Vegas Years [8] (Spotify)
  • False – Untitled [8] (Spotify)
  • Feral – Where Dead Dreams Dwell [8] (Spotify)
  • The Fiend – Greed Power Religion War [8] (Spotify)
  • Goblin Rebirth – Goblin Rebirth [8] (Spotify)
  • High on Fire – Luminiferous [9] (Spotify)
  • Lucifer – Lucifer I [8.5] (Spotify)
  • Nashville Pussy – Ten Years of Pussy [8] (Spotify)
  • Profanator – Mvtter Vicivm [8]
  • Shape of Despair – Monotony Fields [8] (Spotify)
  • Spoilers – Stay Afloat [8] (Spotify)
  • Teenage Time Killers – Greatest Hits Vol. 1 [8]
  • Vanum – Realm of Sacrifice [8] (Spotify)
  • Vattnet Viskar – Settler [8.5] (Spotify)
  • When – The Black Death [8] (Spotify)
Terrorizer #261 Cover (Cradle of Filth)
Terrorizer #261 Cover (Cradle of Filth)

From the above list, I’ve already had a chance to listen to Abyssal, Goblin Rebirth, High on Fire, Lucifer, Shape of Despair, Spoilers, and Vattnet Viskar. For me, both Shape of Despair’s Monotony Fields and Vattnet Viskar’s Settler are the two that are easily album of the year contenders from this bunch thus far. Let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments!


Author: Andrew R Craddock

Metal and Spotify enthusiast, freelance copy-editor, writer, jolly nihilist.

3 thoughts on “Terrorizer #261: [8]+”

  1. I’ve actually somehow let that Vattnet Viskar album slip through the cracks, but I’ve heard fantastic things. Must get around to the Shape Of Despair album as well. The new False album is a firecracker, and I’ll second Terrorizer’s opinion of the new Cloud Rat album. Just be careful if you go searching for that False album…it’s not their first untitled effort.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The new Vattnet Viskar is as incredible as I’d hoped it would be, and I have a feeling it’s one of those records that’s going to reveal its brilliance more and more with repeated listening. The Shape of Despair is also phenomenal; so satisfyingly miserable, if that makes sense?

        Luckily, Spotify has the new False album, so I’ll give that a spin soon; thanks for the added recommendation. A friend directed me to the Cloud Rat Bandcamp page to listen to Qliphoth for now, so I’ll need to get on that one soon as well.

        I’m actually just messing around with Apple Music at the moment. I’ve invested so much time in Spotify over the years, though, that I think it’ll be unlikely I’ll jump ship, but figured I might as well try out the three-month free trial at least.

        Liked by 1 person

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