Building Your Music: The Perfect Spotify Collection #1

Building Your Music: The Perfect Spotify Collection #1

As I have discussed previously in this blog, I’m the kind of person who likes to tinker with the Your Music section of my Spotify profile, always trying to build a music collection that achieves the perfect balance of familiar favourites and new discoveries, not to mention a collection that can be added to consistently with some type of pattern.

So I’ve decided to go back to an idea I had some months ago, and let Spotify’s own recommendation system dictate the direction of my collection, as follows:

  1. Every Friday, I’ll go to Browse > Discover in Spotify, then look at the top section, Top Recommendations for You. This always seems to list 20 releases, and is made up of both familiar and unfamiliar releases.
  2. I’ll add these 20 releases to an ever-growing Spotify collection.
  3. If there are any repeated recommendations in step 1, I’ll add the first unique release from the next section down in the Discover tab.

Week 1: Friday 3 July

  1. Abazagorath – Abazagorath
  2. Code – Mut
  3. Deus Otiosus – Rise
  4. Ghost Ship Octavius – Ghost Ship Octavius
  5. Grayceon – Pearl and the End of Days
  6. Jess and the Ancient Ones – Castaneda
  7. Kongh – Sole Creation
  8. Krokodil – Reptilia Familiar
  9. Lotus Thief – Rervm
  10. Mar De Grises – Streams Inwards
  11. Monarch! – Sabbracadaver
  12. Nero di Marte – Derivae
  13. Pallbearer – Sorrow and Extinction
  14. Red Harvest – A Greater Darkness
  15. Taake – Kulde
  16. Usnea – Usnea
  17. Vanhelgd – Relics of Sulphur Salvation
  18. Vulture Industries – The Tower
  19. Woland – Hyperion
  20. Yob – Clearing the Path to Ascend

If anyone else would like to give this a go, I’d be really interested to hear what your own recommended albums are for this week, and whether you think this could be a viable plan in terms of compiling an always-evolving music collection. Let me know in the comments!


Author: Andrew R Craddock

Metal and Spotify enthusiast, freelance copy-editor, writer, jolly nihilist.

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