Metal Mixtape, 1 August 2016

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So thus begins the first complete month of the Metal Mixtape playlist, what I would like to think is a unique ‘compilation’ each day that I hope people are getting some enjoyment out of. The idea is that it will provide interested listeners with an always-changing playlist of 10 metal songs to stick on every day, and then there’s the chance that you’ll be introduced to some bands that you perhaps hadn’t heard before, or maybe hadn’t listened to in some time.

From today, I’ve tried to make the entries a little more appealing to the eye with a collage of the albums from which the various tracks have been selected. Any feedback is, as always, much appreciated.

Today’s tracks:

  1. Magnus Karlsson – Last Tribe
  2. Hypno5e – Brume Unique Obscurité (Part II)
  3. Scariot – Pushing for Perfection
  4. Tengger Cavalry – Dance with the Wolf
  5. Stratovarius – Celestial Dream
  6. Kroda – Hoarfrost of Blood
  7. Cryptic Slaughter – Nation of Hate
  8. Black Fast – Vacuous Idol
  9. Primal Fear – Diabolus
  10. Dødsengel – Azonei Wyrdwalker

Enjoy, and as always please leave any comments or suggestions in the comments! What’s your favourite and your least favourite track today?